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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

EDUC3325 - Winter 2007 Semester - Week One

The EDUC3325 class began on a VERY positive note. 24 students signed up and I think 22 will remain in the course. The larger number of students creates "more energy" from my perspective. Jack Tarasoff, another Education instructor, wants to sit in on my classes - a nice addition and a great opportunity for me to get some peer feedback on my teaching :)

EDUC3325 - Final Reflections for the Fall 2006 Semester


My blog activity really "fizzled out" towards the end of the semester. Just too many other things going on before the Christmas holiday.

Anyways, all of the students' work from the fall 2006 semester is posted at the following URL:

Overall, it was a good semester - even though there were only 14 students in the class. I always find it a bit tough - when the class ends so suddenly with the final exam - but hey it's time then for everyone to move on.