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Sunday, May 13, 2012

WestCAST 2012 Conference - February 2012

It's always nice when I don't have to travel far for a conference.  The Western Canadian Association of Student Teachers (WestCAST) Conference was held at the University of Calgary.  I had the privilege of facilitating two sessions with our MRU Education students.
The first session was our Mobile Learning in Pre-Service Education Programs study with Kimberely Lawrence and the second session was on the Sunchild E-Learning Community Program Evaluation study with Neepin Auger.

University of Texas, San Antonio - February 2012

Again, it's been awhile since I've updated my blog - I definitely have to remember to keep up my "reflective practice" :) I had a wonderful opportunity at the beginning of February to travel to San Antonio for a site visit at the University of Texas campus. The purpose was to evaluate their blended learning initiative which is focusing on first year Biology and American History courses. I was glad to have an opportunity to stroll the River Walk once again and I also had a chance to facilitate a workshop on Designing for an Inquiry-Based Approach to Blended Learning.

 After completing my day long site visit - I flew up to Denver and had a wonderful visit with Christy, Charles, Benjamin, and Noah at their new home in Boulder. Wow, what a wonderful community - I'm already looking forward to my next visit to this very dynamic community. I made sure I took lots of photos of their home, the community, and the mountains - picture log!!